Services and Hireage

Mission Statement
We at Riteway Rigging & Scaffolding Limited, through our commitment to excellence, seek to maximise the benefits accruing to our customers and employees.
                                    We will provide to our customers the highest quality and service.  We recognise our customers and employees as our most important asset and our responsibility as a corporate citizen
To Our Customers
We commit to provide you with a service to meet your demanding requirements and to enhance your investment by providing you with continued support for the lifetime of your needs.
To Our Employees
We commit to provide a safe and healthy work place.  We continue to maintain an environment, which encourages open communication, personal growth and teamwork.  We respect your dignity trust and loyalty and recognise your contribution to the success of Riteway Rigging and Scaffolding Limited.


Rigging and Scaffold Gear for hire - refer to list

Mitsubishi Fuso Transporter and Isuzu flat deck 3 tonne Hiab
8x4 low loader
Carries up to 12 tonne
Price negotiable to transport 

Merlo (Multi Purpose Machine) and Certified Driver
3 Tonne lift
13 metre reach
- Hooks
- Forks and extensions
- Mancages (Big & Small)
- Log clamp
- Concrete Skip

-Portacom and container hire
-Security fencing hire
-Scaffold staging

Mini Grove Crane
- 6 Tonne Lift
-10T Forklift 
All machinery and equipment certified and comply with OSH regulations.

Telarc Accredited


Robert J Macdonald (Bob)
Mobile: 027 474 3007
Bob has worked in the timber, forestry, Pulp & Paper Industries since 1964.
He has a knowledge of the wider Industries, with a close understanding with

Co-ordinating and organising craneage 6T - 200T.
Has qualifications as a scaffold Rigger and crane driver.

Role Within Riteway
  • Pricing Work

  • Directing Labour

  • Controls daily needs both in the field of work and Riteway Office requirements

  • Keeps a very close and understanding relationship with all customers

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