Riteway Rigging and Scaffolding Limited was formed in 1994 by Robert Macdonald, John Lawless and Bruce Moore.  The founders had extensive experience in the industry, particularly in the challenging environment of Tasman Pulp and Paper Limited‚??s Kawerau paper manufacturing facility.  With Tasman‚??s encouragement they formed the company, primarily to service Tasman‚??s requirements, but also to meet the needs of other large industries where they perceived that service and competence were below their own demanding standards. 

Robert Macdonald is currently sole owner/operator of the company.

The company now employs up to 100 staff throughout the upper North Island, and their uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction and service is certain to ensure future growth.  This dedication to customers is parallel by an unflinching commitment to occupational safety and health and an ongoing drive for improvement.

The company now sees itself as a provider of solutions as well as a supplier of services.  Design solutions are an increasing component of services provided.

Riteway's current and past projects

Norske Skog/CHH Tasman Kawerau
Current term contractor for maintenance rigging & scaffolding coordination of craneage and responsible for on site aculog/action tag system management system.

Capital Projects: 
Paper Machine
Recovery Boilers
Continuous digesters
Pulping machines
Geothermal steam etc
Wood processing
Steel erection
Electrical cable pulling
Re build PM3 upgrade

NZ Steel Glenbrook Waiuku
Maintenance rigging & scaffolding

Whakatane Mill
Maintenance rigging & scaffolding and capital work

Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products Kawerau
Minor project work scaffolding and capital Merlo mancage hook work

Carter Holt Harvey Kinleith Tokoroa
Maintenance rigging & scaffolding on tender pricing
Capital projects on B.E & K Bechtel projects for Stebbins NZ Ltd, McKenzie and Ridley, HGM Construction, Contract Engineering, Marchon Engineering, Kawerau Engineering, Best Insulation.

Fonterra Co operative Group Ltd Lichfield and Reporoa
Capital and maintenance scaffolding & rigging work

MB Century Resources
Geothermal Scaffolding & rigging, pipe installation, dismantling transportation and re erection of rig to site locations.
Assessor‚??s safety in rigging operations throughout the movement of the rig

Contact Energy
Geothermal scaffolding & rigging, pipe installation, supervision Auditing Safety & Health in rigging operations

Mighty River Power
Geothermal scaffolding & rigging for well heads Piloting Transportation of geothermal pipes Kawerau Rotokawa & return Removal rigging of pipeline via helicopter at Rotokawa Dismantle re erection of silencer stack Kawerau Mokai Taupo

Fletcher Construction
Waihi Capital rigging scaffolding and craneage Waihi Gold Mine

Fletcher Challenge Ltd
Tauranga maintenance scaffolding around storage tanks
BOP capital projects scaffolding
Bridge Pipe work scaffolding

Robt Stone Ltd
Geothermal scaffolding for pipe installation
Security fencing

TBS Farnsworth Ltd
Matahina and Whakamaru dam project scaffolding
Putaruru Sawmill scaffolding for chip bin maintenance

Marra Construction Ltd
Tower crane rigging erection dismantle of tower cranes

PT Muting Mekar Hijau Ltd
Removal dismantle & packaging of No1 log line for export Norske Skog site

Domestic market
Housing scaffolding through out North Island
Staging Concerts indoor and outdoor
Grandstands seating insider and outdoor

International market
Albury scaffolding & rigging for paper machines
Pinkenba scaffolding, riggers, steel erecting for Boral Plasterboard project

Company Values

-Efficient and Effective Management of Resources
-Team work
-Business and Industrial skills
-Safety & Health Awareness
-Continuous improvement
-Professional and technical knowledge involving rigging, scaffolding and craneage
-Quality machinery and tools for the trade inclusive of all rigging, scaffolding equipment,  e.g. air winches, chain blocks ‚?? ¬Ĺ tonne  ‚?? 15 tonne capacity, manual or electric.


Images of machinery and projects undertaken and for hire please use the contact page for further inquiries

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